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My Story

Every stroke survivor has a unique story to tell. This is mine…

Hi there, my name is Danny. I am 46 years old, a husband, a father of twins and in 2019/ 20, I survived multiple strokes due to a rare adrenal gland tumour (Pheochromocytoma).

I required 2 days of surgery and remained in ICU for 10 days. I am still adapting to my “new normal”, and like anyone after a life changing event, I have found recovery challenging.


At the heart of my recovery journey have been my family & friends and without their support I believe I would not be where I am now! Heavily linked in to my recovery is my love for the outdoors, and in particular, my passion for surfing and the ocean.

I woke up 250 miles from home in a specialist hospital and I recall vividly looking out of my ICU ward window and promising myself to get back outdoors again. It was this promise to feel the fresh air on my face and the saltwater between my fingers again that influenced my recovery path. I’d had 2x days of surgery and as I looked down at my body I was not in a good way at all. This is where I began the biggest challenge of my life so far… to find my “new normal” and then keep pushing for more.

Recovery has been a very slow and painful journey. I managed to dislocate and fracture my shoulder during a violent seizure caused by my tumour. So when a shoulder consultant told me it would take 18 months of physio to regain a reasonable range of movement, I secretly said “I would complete it in 9!”… well it took 18 MONTHS and I had been performing my exercises relentlessly. It was a reminder that recovery is ongoing and it takes as long as it takes… I didn’t try to rush it after that!!

I am passionate about encouraging other survivors and their family/carers to gain from the physical and mental wellness that the ocean provides. My own recovery has benefitted hugely from being in or around the sea and I have seen first hand how my own family relationships have strengthened from our visits to the beach. I was able to enjoy the sea as a direct means of exercise and as a great environment to have fun with my kids…


It felt like a WIN WIN situation!

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