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Not sure I can put this in to words… but I shall try

I had my first stroke whilst standup surfing in Oct 2019. Due to an undiagnosed kidney tumour, I went on to become very sick & required 2 days of emergency surgery in a specialist hospital 250 miles away from my family. I spent 2 weeks in an Intensive Care Unit & survived several more strokes in my hospital bed. I was in a bad way mentally & physically & just wanted to go back to the Danny I knew. Standup surfing is still physically difficult for me to pursue… but in my desire to return to the ocean I discovered bodysurfing.

Photo: @matthew_lawford

With just a pair of swim fins I am able power myself along waves & no longer need a surfboard to enjoy a passion I have been pursuing for nearly 30 years. My body is the surfboard and so my injuries & balance issues seem to fade away. It was my goal this year to join the UK Bodysurf Team & represent my country at the 2023 IBSA World Tour Euro event in France. I trained hard & took advice from many experienced UK surf athletes/ coaches/ sport physios to prepare for this huge event. The UK Team totally smashed it with 2x podium finishes including a 1st place Ladies Masters!! Well done 🇬🇧🥳 I finished 25th in the European Men’s Open Bodysurf event & 5th in the European Men’s (over 46’s) Bodysurf event. I’m just so delighted to be able to compete & “hold my own” at this level & so proud to represent my country 🇬🇧

@stactapp- Final Placings World Tour Bodysurf Biarritz.

My final placings are not enough to go through to the World Tour Finals, but I’m just SO STOKED to be a stroke survivor representing my country in a World Tour! A special thank you to my UK Teammates for assisting me throughout our training, travelling & competition days. I can sometimes struggle with my hidden disabilities in new & stressful situations, but your kindness & support meant I never felt anxious or confused. 🙏🌊🤙🥳❤️

UK Bodysurf Team 2023 Biarritz

…AND it gets even better…

I am super excited to confirm in a couple of weeks time, I will be a GUEST ATHLETE SPEAKER at the upcoming World Ability Sport Physical Activity for Health for People with Cerebral Palsy and other Neurological Conditions conference - @worldabilitysport

More on this soon, as I’m still writing my speech 😂



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