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To whom it may concern...

Ideas are becoming a reality!

Enjoying a surf with friends recently. Photo credit Otter Surfboards

Membership to a community is not obligatory, but I urge you to seek & share in this wonderful world of positive energy.

After my first stroke I needed to find other survivors so that I could ask questions, share experiences & ultimately accept my new normal. I attended the various local community stroke groups & participated in the many different activities organised. The stroke/ brain injury community are a continual inspiration and support to me & my family. Thank you ❤️

I then focussed on my own goals in returning to the ocean & surfing. Throughout my recovery I have been welcomed & supported by countless groups and individuals in the surfing world. I have been overwhelmed by the huge amount of support from so many people who believe in the idea of promoting positivity and in life after a stroke.

And so here we are… the idea of taking other stroke survivors & their family/ loved ones to enjoy a beach activity is happening 🥳 and it is because of the amazing communities I am fortunate to be a part of. Thank you ❤️

Our first project is fully loaded & ready to go with Coastal Crusaders CIC in Newquay. I look forward to sharing our experiences on here with you soon!



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