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We did it!

Well, I won’t lie… 65 miles over 3x days along the South West Coast Path was an intense & immense experience!!

It’s now 3 weeks since I finished and I’ve been continually eating & sleeping… but WOWEEE what an awesome challenge!! 🤙

On our last day we ran/ walked 22 miles and ascended the height of Ben Nevis! 😳

I’m forever indebted to so many friends, family, & supporters in fulfilling this crazy idea, that myself & 2x guys from my local Cornwall Stroke Community Group invented one year ago after drinking too many lattes!!☕️☕️☕️🥳🤪

This completes the first stage of my current Stoked Stroke Survivors & Supporters project to encourage other brain injury survivors, & their loved ones, to participate together in beach activities. At present we’ve fundraised over £3300 which is a huge amount… thank you ALL! ❤️

I will now get busy in organising with Coastal Crusaders CIC, the next stage of this project.

Put simply… I’m a stroke survivor here in Cornwall, who really wants to get other brain injury/ stroke survivors to the beach and get stoked. I’d like to think that whoever reads this will maybe have their own idea to help others, and then figure out a way of delivering it… I’m learning as I go, but be brave and chuck that pebble in the pond and see how far those ripples go!! 🌊🥳



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