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Xmas party

Just enjoyed a cracking evening of food, drink & smiles at the Camborne Stroke Community group Christmas meal. Many laughs shared with these beautiful people.

After my stroke 3 years ago, I was initially very hesitant about participating in a community group and worried about going to a public space to meet others. These fears were quickly extinguished as soon as I introduced myself. A lot has happened to me since that first day of “acceptance” & I’m so grateful to all the survivors & partners who continue to promote hope & positivity.

This evening was a full on giggle and underlined how a group of total strangers - connected by a life changing event - can appreciate & thrive in the company of others!

To anyone in Cornwall interested in what activities these groups are doing or when/ where a coffee meet up is happening, then please check the Cornwall Stroke Community Facebook page!!

2023 - New surf sessions for 2023 are currently being planned & once finalised will be released here and on stoked stroke survivors Facebook and Instagram pages.



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