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My First Blog!

My life pre-tumour, illness and strokes certainly had no enthusiasm for the social media world and I only used the laptop to check the surf forecast. Now here I am “posting” and “blogging” on my own website... I didn’t see THAT coming!!

Pre- tumour trouble. Family Teare at the beach enjoying some fresh air. Our favourite place to be and a very important place for me especially throughout my recovery.

Following my tumour surgeries, multiple strokes and 10x days in an Intensive Care Unit; I found my new world very confusing and difficult. To any survivor of a life changing event there is suddenly a whole lot of unique challenges that require processing.

I found positive support via the various NHS teams and the charities “Different Strokes UK” & “Stroke Association” & “Cornwall Stroke Community group”. I embarked on seeking help and advice from wherever I could find it... and thus began my new interest in the internet. I discovered many inspiring individuals and communities sharing their experiences and my highest appreciation goes out to them. This then encouraged me to set small goals and change my mindset to focus on my gains rather than my losses.

Stoked Stroke Survivors and Supporters is a mindset and a community of people who believe in promoting life after stroke and brain injury. My love of the ocean has been a huge part of my life and especially so, throughout my recent recovery journey. I have met some incredible people during this journey and I’m looking forward to meeting many more!

I share my story to whoever has the kindness to listen and I hope that collectively we can share in this and help others. Keep promoting the stoke!

Thank you, Danny

Me with Mark Bowra of A huge inspiration to me and a very kind & generous stroke survivor who has set up a charity to assist members of the Armed Forces Community affected by neurological disorders. I believe it was Mark that first gave me the belief that I could surf again and that a project to help others could also be done! I met him whilst he was competing at the 2021 Adaptive Surfing comp at TheWave Bristol.



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