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I guess it’s time to talk about my other goals...

I am surrounded by a beautiful community and I continue to seek & meet hugely inspiring and ambitious individuals.

Initially, I craved for my stroke recovery to be a full & speedy path. With help from professionals and a ton of personal input, I saw progression- but it wasn’t to be the case in everything.

Importantly though, I saw enough to feed my hope & give me the strength to fight on.

Ideas & conversations developed over time and then they became a reality- Project Beach Day! Brain injury survivors in my community came with their loved ones to enjoy a fun day at the beach. We laughed, we surfed & we shared… this continues with the Coastal Crusaders seated surf sessions today.

More conversations & inspiring people crossed my path and super charged my hunger for pushing my boundaries & ambitions.

I started bodysurfing 3 years ago as an alternative to stand up surfing- which is still very uncomfortable & difficult for me to enjoy. Bodysurfing is a different way of enjoying the sea and allows me to chase waves & stoke! I love it!


In 2x weeks time I will be joining the UK Bodysurf Team to go compete in the 2023 European heat of the Bodysurf World Tour event in France. UNBELIEVABLE!

I am going to compete with the best bodysurf athletes in Europe…

I am going to give it everything I have got…

I will promote positivity & awareness of acquired brain injury & stroke recovery…

But ultimately I will hoot, cheer & ensure the stoke levels are off the charts!!



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