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Hot Hot Hot!

Hope everyone is staying safe and taking the necessary precautions during this period of UK extreme heat.

As a brain injury survivor this heat really hits me hard & some of my survivor friends really struggle in regulating their body temps due to their brain injury.

I hope you all are able to enjoy this summer safely.

In other news...

I appeared again on my local BBC radio station. Thank you to BBC Radio Cornwall James Churchfield Breakfast Show for inviting me as todays (10/08/22) guest news reviewer. I appeared at 07.20 hrs and again at 07.50 hrs!!

Listen again on the BBC iPlayer if you can.

BBC Radio Cornwall James Churchfield Breakfast show 10/08/22- I appeared as a guest news reviewer at 07.20hrs and 07.50hrs!!

My contributions included the importance of staying safe in this extreme heat, the largest Para-sport programme in Commonwealth Games history, pressures on our emergency rescue teams this summer holiday, World Lion Day and keeping cool by putting ice cubes in my wellies… so hopefully I captured a wide & varied audience 😂

Very stoked to also get a chance to update James on the Stoked Stroke Survivor beach day with Coastal Crusaders due this September.

I will now be sending out a consent form to all interested survivors who have contacted me already, so that we can get numbers confirmed. The beach day will be held on Sunday 11th September.

Please get in touch with me with any questions. Let’s go surfing!!

Converted my bedroom to a media centre 😂

If you can… go check out the bronze lion statues on The Downs, Bristol - as part of the “Born Free Foundation” art exhibition.



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