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The day I threw a pebble…

Truth be told I was totally exhausted after our Coastal Crusaders beach day session back in September. I have needed to rest & absorb the positivity we achieved.

Our crazy idea of myself completing 65 miles to raise funds, to then take other stroke survivors & their loved ones to enjoy a beach day… had finally happened.

Some of those taking part in the beach day. Photo credit: Jamie Elliott, @_jamie_elliott

My dream was for maybe a couple of people with a similar “hope after stroke” attitude, that would be interested in sharing some waves… that wish got well & truly taken to another level!!

A total of 25 people got in the sea on this day and many, many others came to support, help & raise the stoke levels.

I witnessed survivors surpass their own expectations of what they thought achievable. I saw the “family bubbles” explode with happiness & excitement as FUN took over! I heard families talk of the potential this session had now sparked & they were now planning their next adventure together.

If you see a chance to help others, then please try. If you have an idea and a passion, then I guarantee there will be others who believe in you and others who can make it happen for real.

May I once again thank the ever growing list of stoked stroke survivors/ supporters, believers, donators & the positive people who have made this project happen. You are all beautiful people who believe in making a difference.

After my stroke 3 years ago, I went looking for people & groups who could inspire me. My own recovery is made up of every one of those positive people who kept me going or taught me to adapt. I hope now that this little project pays respect to all the survivors who continue to promote hope in our community.

WATCH OUT - The pebble has been thrown and the ripples are off. There will be more of this to come!

All photos courtesy of Jamie Elliott, @_jamie_elliott



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